At Infintec, we often get ambitious tech businesses, full of passion, coming to us with what they think is a short-term problem to solve – usually involving finance.

However, more often than not, when we drill down into the business, we find that the numbers are the symptom not the problem.

Many start-up owners are naturally very passionate and protective about their business – and passion is an essential ingredient if you are to succeed. But this can lead to quite a narrow, short-term reactive approach which can only take you so far.

At some point you have to recognise that if you are going to successfully scale your business, then you need to develop a longer term plan which effectively addresses four key questions:

  • What is my vision for the business?
  • What is my business’s raison d’etre – how sustainable is it?
  • What partnerships/collaborations are necessary to scale? – it is unlikely that I can do it on my own.
  • How will I ‘transfer’ my passion to the business and allow it scale?

In simple terms, you need to build a ‘Brand’.

When you have addressed these questions, the numbers will drop out – and hopefully make sense!

If you watch Dragon’s Den , you will have seen the large number of passionate entrepreneurs failing to capture a Dragon because they were unable to clearly explain what made their business stand out from the crowd.

Our Discovery Process

Whilst not every client of ours may initially fully appreciate the importance of our Discovery process – they do by the end of it!

We know what good looks like, and what partners and investors are looking for – our process unpacks your business, revealing the good and bad bits, identifies how to fix the bad bits, and then repackages it.

During this process we address the market and where you fit, your scaling strategy, your innovation and financing road map, and how your organisation needs to evolve to cope.

Our Delivery Process

What we really like doing though, is getting you the partners and funders you need.

Our hands-on, paid-on-results approach works for both parties

Our objectivity and broad industry experience adds another dimension to your thinking – adding pragmatism to passion.

Our results leave you in a much better position to achieve your vision.

We only work with a selected number of companies at any one time  – partnerships are our thing, as well as having fun!

So why not get in touch – letting people in to help you can be a good thing.