At Infintec we like to work with ambitious, growing tech businesses who have disruptive technologies that add real value and are scalable. It helps if they improve people’s lives as well!

It is no secret that much innovative technology never reaches its full potential due to a disconnect between the R&D and the market.  Most start-ups tend to be tech driven rather than market driven, and fail (or exit at a low value) when it gets to the scaling stage.

Recently we have been working with two companies who share the same mission – to improve people’s lives ahead of making profit – one through pioneering the mainstreaming of proactive Mental Fitness support in both the academic and corporate world – and the other a leader in human behavioural emulation (an advanced form of ChatBot that allows people to talk to a computer in everyday language and to be understood), with a current focus on the Learning & Development market, and in particular addressing the Forgetting Curve.It is not just their mission that these companies have in common – both have a passionate management team, a great scalable technology and a massive potential market.

AND, like most early stage businesses they need the right source of financing to keep them on their growth path, and, at the appropriate point, help with efficiently accelerating growth.

Why Infintec

‘Partnering’ with Infintec can add hands-on expertise to a business as and when it is needed. Once we have gone through our fast-track Qualifier (or Discover) process, we soon get down to defining and agreeing the opportunities and priorities.

With our finance, technological and market expertise, we are helping our partners create the collateral necessary to clearly explain their proposition to funders and investors; support them through the funding process; develop their sales & marketing plans; source channel/license partners and even use our contacts to find major accounts.

Most of this is done on a success fee basis – so their success is our success!

Our People

Most of us at Infintec have been around for a long time, working in businesses of all sizes and across the globe. We are passionate about new technology and helping to accelerate its path to commercialization.

We are also frustrated by the unnecessary ‘failure’ of many potentially exciting start-ups – in most cases it is not ‘Rocket Science’ that is needed, just practical experienced help.

If you are finding it hard to take your eye off the day-to-day issues of getting a new business going, and feel that the future is a long way off, then why not talk to us.