A recent study of its members by techUK identified 5 key priorities which their businesses were focussed on in 2022 and beyond. For their SME members, these were:

  • Customer acquisition (Scaling)
  • Innovation
  • Digital Skills Gap/Reskilling
  • Climate and Sustainability
  • International Trade

Not really surprising when you think about it:

Innovation and growth tend to go hand-in-hand with tech businesses, and international markets often seem like an attractive option, if only they had the time and expertise to pursue this route.

Growth is only possible if you have the resources and skills to deliver it and, of course, businesses need to get their net zero strategy in place, especially if they are looking for funding.

The problem is that, whilst many tech businesses are good at innovation, commercialising it is not always their strong point, and is where they need practical, hands-on support, rather than just signposting.

Basically, to be successful, businesses need to be very clear about

  • Their business and personal visions – which need to be aligned
  • Their ‘raison d’etre’ (USP) – why should enough businesses/people buy from them
  • How to sustain their USP
  • How to create profitable demand
  • How to deliver that demand

For an early stage business, maybe used to multi-tasking and using their energy and contacts to get momentum going, making that next step in the scaling journey can be very daunting and difficult. If all the above points are not addressed, then they may hit the ‘brick wall’.

For mature businesses, stale from too much static ‘business as usual’, exploiting a new opportunity (or responding to a new ‘disruptive’ risk) can also be very challenging. Marketing tends to have taken a back seat, with reliance on long established client relationships to keep the business going. People are busy doing their day job and few have any emotional or financial investment in a new idea.


This is exactly why Infintec was created – to provide hands-on  scaling and funding support for tech businesses who want to grow.

Our Discovery process lays bare your business – warts and all – allowing us jointly to fill in any gaps and realign it with your ambitions and opportunities. We particularly focus on creative scaling opportunities.

Our Blitz process then creates the ‘plan’ and the collateral with which to approach funders and/or partners.

Then, we work with you to deliver the plan – long term partnerships are what we want, working with great people on exciting and creative projects.

Our fees are largely success based – and we don’t produce lengthy reports which no one has time to read, let alone act on.

What’s not to like about us?

Contact us on [email protected] for an informal chat about your opportunity.