The ‘Valley of Death’ is a term many innovation led tech start-ups live to regret coming across – the stage of development where many businesses fail to get their great ‘technology’ out into the market place fast enough, and don’t have the innovation funding they need to see them through till they start self-funding.

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Navigating your way through the innovation funding landscape – AND getting some serious customer traction – is a major ‘distraction’ for many entrepreneurs who are more comfortable with the tech side of their business.

Deciding who and when to invest are the big questions when it comes to deciding how angels and VCs spend their money.

Infintec getting to know you

Bridging this Valley of Death requires a clear plan and the resources to deliver the plan. At Infintec we focus on creating that plan and providing hands-on support to help deliver it.

  1. Our Due Diligence (or Qualifier) Process is a fast-track exercise to enable us to fully understand our clients’ businesses, warts and all. We don’t reinvent the wheel, rather we aim to build on what already exists and benchmark it against best practice.
  2. Understanding what you have, how you interpret it and how you present it, tells us a lot more about your business then just the facts and numbers would. We can quickly get a feel for the culture, ethos, capability, and motivation – the right blend of which is key to future success.
  3. Once the opportunities and priorities are identified and agreed, we use our fast-track blitz process to flesh out the priorities, agree the plans to deliver and agree how we can help.

Funding with your interests in mind

More often than not, getting the finance in place to continue with the R&D road map and start to generate growth is the starter for ten.

But, in order to be successful in getting the right funding, an attractive, yet realistic growth plan needs to be created which will convince lenders that the business has legs. That again is where Infintec’s commercial expertise can really add value – we know how to spot opportunities and exploit them.

We also know how to present ‘digital’ solutions to lenders – not get lost in too much ‘tech speak’.This, combined with our knowledge of the funding options, generally gets our clients the funding they need.

Scaling – taking you outside your comfort zone

We can work with you to scale your business, faster than you could have imagined, through:

  1. Identifying and setting up 3rd party sales channel agreements to exploit geographical or vertical opportunities
  2. Identifying potential partners with complementary technologies or clients
  3. Using our contact networks to open up major accounts for you

Infintec for investors

We can do this on behalf of the client, or on behalf of a potential investor – either way, both parties reduce time, cost and risk, and increase the probability of success.

If you feel that the ‘Valley’ may be coming your way – then you should talk to us.