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James Routley did…

I’m delighted at our successful application. The Infintec team were recommended to us and quickly understood our business and proposition. I feel they significantly contributed to our success.

James Routley

CEO, The Filter

So did Alex Mifsud…

The Infintec team were critical in terms of putting the bid together. Without them, it would have been incredibly difficult for us to know exactly how to put our case forward for funding.

Alex Mifsud

CEO, Ixaris

… and Tony Dobson

Thanks to you and all the team – great effort and more importantly very professional content..

Tony Dobson

CEO, Synergy Logistics SnapFulfil EMEA

Isn’t it time we talked too?

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Infintec Innovation Funding Circle
  • Innovation Funding & Strategy – that’s what we do

Untapped potential? – shortage of funds and resource to exploit?

You need help with innovation funding? Well, that’s exactly where we can help. We’ll work with you to scale your business and access the right innovation funding to match your plans for fast, strategic growth. We’ll advise and support and deliver.

Here’s our step-by-step approach. We:

  • assess your ‘opportunity’ – due diligence
  • refine your strategy to ramp up growth and increase your value
  • build your Research & Innovation funding roadmap
  • help you access the best sources of innovation funding 
  • Identify and deliver the optimum hi-growth solutions

We do all of this – quickly and efficiently.

What makes us unique

We cover the entire innovation funding landscape, and we make it happen.

We are specialists in identifying and delivering scalable growth opportunities
We don’t signpost. We deliver – working as your partner. 
We’re passionate about growth, technology and innovation.

Are you an innovative tech SME who wants to grow faster? Do you need innovation funding to achieve this?

If so, email us at [email protected]. We’ll get right back to you.

News & Insights

Cyber Security – ever evolving and overwhelming SMEs

Cyber Security – ever evolving and overwhelming SMEs

Visiting some of the Cyber Security exhibitions last week, it became ever more clear that SMEs are in danger of being overwhelmed and unprepared in the cyber abyss. There has been a massive explosion in recent years in the sheer number of buzzwords, platforms,...

Cyber Security Trends for 2021 and Beyond

Cyber Security Trends for 2021 and Beyond

As September seems to be a very popular month for Cyber Security conferences and exhibitions, we thought it appropriate to cover some of the key trends that companies should be aware of when seeking solutions. Cyber Security must be constantly updated due to the...

To stick or twist? – spreading the innovation load

To stick or twist? – spreading the innovation load

I read two interesting innovation funding related articles over the bank holiday weekend. The first was by Matthew Lynn in the Daily Telegraph, titled ‘Recovery depends on killing off more zombie companies’. The other was a summary of a recent study by Agility in Mind...

Infintec orange LightbulbOur FREE, downloadable white papers

Overcoming the barriers to Innovation

Successful companies are the ones who continually innovate and scale their businesses – adding real value.

Our paper looks at the relationship between innovation and scaling, and how to overcome the barriers to success – a must read for both start-ups and established tech businesses looking to grow faster.

The hidden advantages of an Innovation Grant

Many companies consider innovation grant funding purely as a short-term injection of funds and fail to consider the wider benefits that a successful grant application can deliver either directly or indirectly.

Our paper highlights the need to consider grant funding within the context of your overall innovation funding strategy and identifies a number of its strategic benefits – a must-read for any tech business considering innovation grant funding.

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