Upscale is one of Tech Nation’s flagship growth programmes, focused on helping the fastest growing mid-stage tech companies in the UK to tackle their key scaling challenges.

“Despite the events of the last 12 months, we’re seeing some exceptional companies scaling at Series A stage, with healthtech and the future of work being represented particularly strongly. We’re excited to adapt Upscale to support the new challenges that founders are facing around remote work, fundraising and culture; and to work with such an exciting group of leaders.” Liam Ward, Upscale Programme Lead, Tech Nation

The Upscale programme has a prestigious reputation, having featured companies like Monzo, Bulb and Depop in the past, and with last year’s cohort including such scaling stars as Thriva, Chattermill, Kheiron Medical and Farewill. With that in mind, the 33 companies chosen by Tech Nation’s panel of tech and scaling experts,  are certain to be the scaling stars of 2021.

Emerging trends

The Upscale 6.0 cohort, which features the UK’s best performing tech companies, is skewed towards healthtech companies, representing 18% of the total cohort. It reflects how healthtech companies have come to the fore of UK tech, especially in the wake of the pandemic. 

The UK is now third in the world for healthtech investment after the US and China, and over the course of 2020 we saw an increase in early stage investment, from $2.27bn in 2019 to $2.32bn in 2020. 

Healthtech companies joining the Upscale programme include: London-based LabGenius, which develops new protein-based drugs using machine learning – lowering the associated costs and risks of drug development; Belfast-based Locate a Locum, which enables temporary healthcare workers to connect; and Oxford-based Vitaccess, a platform which quantifies patients’ experiences of treatments and illness.

The stats

The 6.0 cohort is the most regionally diverse cohort ever, with 48% of the companies based outside of London, with many high quality scaleups spread across the UK – hailing from Belfast, Brighton, Bristol, Cambridge, Leeds, Manchester, Newcastle, Nottingham, Oxford

In addition to this being the most regionally diverse Upscale cohort yet, 27% companies have a female founder or CEO, and the average number of employees is 45. The average funds raised stands at £8.3m, which is up from £7.5m last year, and the average revenue is £1.7m.

The cohort

accuRx (London, Healthtech & Biotech & Life Sciences)
Atom Learning (London, Edtech)
Bidnamic (Leeds, Adtech & Marketing)
Blink (London, Enterprise SaaS)
Brytlyt (Ashford, Data Analytics & Business Intelligence)
ClauseMatch (London, Fintech)
E-days (Nottingham, HRtech)
Exonar (Reading, Data Analytics & Business Intelligence)
Gravity Sketch (London, Digital Entertainment/Creative Tech)         

iProov (London, Cybersecurity)
Judopay (London, Fintech)
LabGenius (London, Healthtech & Biotech & Life Sciences)
Laka (London, Insurtech)
Leaf Grow (Newcastle, Adtech & Marketing)
Locate a Locum (Belfast, Healthtech & Biotech & Life Sciences)
Molo (London, Fintech)
Navenio (Oxford, Healthtech & Biotech & Life Sciences)
One Team Logic (Cardiff, Edtech)
Orka (Manchester, Ecommerce & Marketplace)
Red Sift (London, Cybersecurity)
Riverlane (Cambridge, Deeptech)

Rovco (Bristol, Energy)
Second Nature (London, Healthtech & Biotech & Life Sciences)
Sensat (London, Artificial Intelligence)
Speechmatics (Cambridge, Deeptech)
Superscript (London, Insurtech)
Tillo (Brighton and Hove, Fintech)
Total Processing (Manchester, Fintech)
Unmind (London, HRtech)
Virti (Bristol, Edtech)
Vitaccess (Oxford, Healthtech & Biotech & Life Sciences)
Vizibl (London, Enterprise SaaS)
YuLife (London, Insurtech)

How Infintec can help

Whilst congratulations are in order for the above companies, there are hundreds of other companies seeking help to grow faster.

That is what we at Infintec do – provide practical, hands-on strategy, innovation funding and commercialisation support to ambitious tech businesses, helping you grow faster and fulfil your potential.

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