More than just Technical Due Diligence

Our innovation funding and growth solutions add real value to our clients, preparing them for professional investment, and optimising your RoI. 

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Technology is at the heart of any digital tech business’s strategy.

Technology Due Diligence (TDD) findings may not make or break a deal, but it is important to understand the risks and opportunities in order to evaluate a potential investment. The existence of technical risks may affect the ultimate deal conditions or price.

Infintec’s TDD  solutions provides both:

  • ‘pre-investment’ support to third parties (e.g. Banks, VCs, PEs), who require clarity and understanding of an organisations software engineering, architectures and software methodologies when engaging with tech companies.
  • independent technology reviews on behalf of our clients themselves, helping them assess where their technology fits in the market space – key to refining their R&D road map and identifying potential value and opportunity.

Our team of leading technical specialists, with real world experience, can deliver against a broad portfolio in digital tech – software, AI, big data, IoT, cyber security and telecoms. Our understanding is unrivalled.

Infintec Due Diligence
  • What our clients say:

Infintec’s technical due diligence provided useful insight into the software investment, particularly with regards to process and people where several potential improvements were identified.

James Livingston

Partner, Foresight Group

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Our technical due diligence partner Infintec has provided valuable insight during the investment process, demonstrating the Oak product suite to be best in class. Excellent value for money.

Alex Marsh

Investment Manager, Maven Capital Partners

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Our technical due diligence partner Infintec has again provided valuable insight during the investment process and assisted our decision making.

Daniela Tsoneva

Assistant Director, Calculus Capital

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  • Our Due Diligence Solutions

Our Due Diligence solutions are flexible, to suit your specific needs, and can be delivered in degrees of complexity both pre-investment and post-investment:

1. Technology Review

A ‘fast-track’ review where we engage with the client’s technical team, through a series of interviews and discussions, and deliver a detailed report within 3-4 weeks, clearly articulating their technology platform.

Technical Due Diligence Review: Key areas to be considered:

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Overview of software architecture/operating system
  3. Assessment of system robustness & scaleability
  4. Assessment of system extensibility/adaptability
  5. Assessment of system support/risk factors
  6. Development & management processes
  7. Recommendations for future actions in development/support of the system

2. Technology Audit

Where pre-investment or addition investment is a significant value and we need to drill down into the ‘engine room’, this audit would include all of the points raised within the Technology Review above or could be a natural follow-on from the Technology Review.

This is an in-depth ‘evidenced based’ audit into the various technological and market relevant sections of an organisation.

Technical Due Diligence Audit: Key areas to be considered:

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Business Overview
  3. Technology Platform & Architecture
  4. Platform Readiness & Scalability
  5. Development Processes & Tools Sets
  6. Technology Road Map & Future Architectural Advances
  7. Innovation & IP
  8. Management and Risk Processes
  9. Management & Technical Development Skill Sets
  10. Testing Environment & Service Support
  11. Analysis through SWOT
  12. Subcontractors, Partners & Collaborators
  13. Security & Penetration Testing
  14. Product & Process Documentation
  15. Legislation & Compliance

3. Full Technical Due Diligence

With highly innovative technology, where patents and multiple stakeholders are involved, it can be prudent to employ our full TDD process. This includes all 15 points covered in the Technology Audit, but drills down in more depth into three specific areas

Innovation and IP – Any potential Patents will have a list of the ‘Inventors’. The rights for use of the patent needs the inventors to be contractually ‘tied’ to the Company.

Security and Penetration Testing – The Audit looks at ‘external’ attacks but ‘internal’ security e.g. people and what they know can also be an issue.

Sub-Contractors, Partners & Collaborators – For these to be involved knowledge and IP is again being passed to these groups and requires protection.

Additional areas therefore covered in the full TDD include:

  1. Internal operational Security
  2. How secure are the processes that protect the IP/Knowledge?
  3. Individual personnel contracts required dependant on the level of information they are party to
  4. How complex and therefore how difficult would it be to replicate the solution
  5. Protection against a single point of failure. This could be system or human
  6. The contractual protection of knowledge and IP

4. Commercial/Market Due Diligence

The requirements here will vary depending on the nature of the company and the market it operates in.
Infintec offers total flexibility in this area, to meet your needs and budget, for example:

Technology Competitive positioning

  • Differentiation of the technology
  • How does it outperform competitors – benefits
  • Barriers to entry – how easy to replicate
  • Threat of substitutes

Market Attractiveness/Competitive positioning

  • Current and projected attractiveness of the market
  • Technical competitive positioning
  • Sales & Marketing audit (inc Client interviewing)
  • Ability to achieve business plan projections
  • Risks and opportunities

5. Pre-exit Health Checks

No company is perfect. The Infintec Due Diligence processes usually identify areas where improvements can and need to be made.

In order to keep track of progress in addressing the areas requiring attention, we can implement a programme of time-efficient blitz’ reviews, set at intervals relevant to the R&D road map.

Infintec Funding Innovation Circle
  • More than just Technical Due Diligence.

Infintec offers investors much more than just Technical Due Diligence.

Through our fast-track, hands-on processes, we are in a position to assess, improve and present potential investment candidates within the tech sector.

We cover the market, the technology, the people and the finances – also ensuring that that all value adding sources of funding are exploited, including Innovation Grant funding & R&D Tax Relief.

Our process gives us a unique insight into our clients and prepares them for professional investment. Our gap analysis allows us to identify strengths and weaknesses within our clients and we create a rudimentary due diligence library for each of our clients which prepares them for growth capital.

As part of the process, we deliver competitor analysis, technical positioning and commercial overviews which have been developed in tandem with our clients allowing valuation and potential growth forecasts to be easily validated by any professional investor.

Building value

We are particular about who we work with – digital tech businesses with  real growth potential. Our specialist licensing and 3P sales channel growth solutions identify and exploit untapped routes to market, scaling the business at a rate they could never achieve on their own.

A virtuous circle! 

A strategic relationship between Infintec and a VC/PE where we work with clients on your ‘watch list’ can result in an ongoing win-win-win situation

  • You reduce the risk and cost of investment decision making
  • The tech business achieves their funding objectives
  • Infintec gets to work with some exciting companies!
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